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Multifamily Concrete Services and Products

Two of the most litigated matters in multifamily construction are water intrusion and noise complaints. ACS specializes in preventing both.

Our areas of expertise in multifamily construction are the prevention of water intrusion and noise complaints. Using the right product is crucial but any sound or waterproofing expert will tell you that even the best product's effectiveness will be negated with improper installation.

ACS is consistently in the top ten for sales volume for sound control mats and underlayments nationwide. You can rest easy and more importantly, your customers will be able to rest easy when ACS is installing the sound control system.

We are regularly consulted by architects and waterproofing experts on how to design an effective waterproofing system. We have customers that have contracted us to work on projects in other parts of the country simply because they will not trust another company to install the waterproofing system.

ACS installs the following anywhere in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana::

  • Floor/Ceiling Sound Control
  • Concrete Waterproofing
  • Decorative Concrete Finishes

Featured Projects:

Water Proofing | Sound Control | Floor Leveling | Moisture Mitigation