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Why Us

Our committment is to exceed your expectations. We have instituted internal company policies which exceed typical industry standards.


Our standard for quality is best in the industry. We have become one of the largest sound control and waterproofing contractors in the country because we will only do the job if we can do it right. You will not find us on a project if we cannot provide an end product without defect.


We don’t sub. You know that every time you hire ACS you are getting the best. Our crews are properly trained and properly supervised and because we don't subcontract, we have complete control over whomever we send out to the job. Our crews always have proper documentation and they have been thoroughly screened including background checks and drug screening..


ACS has more rigorous safety standards than OSHA or most contractors. You will not see a crew member or supervisor on any jobsite without eye protection, hard hat and safety vest. If we do not already have a policy in place which exceeds your own, we will follow your guidelines without exception.

We are the Experts:

If you call, we will have the answer or we will be honest with you and tell you that we do not have the answer readily available. We don't guess, we don't make problems worse by experimenting in the field. We have more experience and the best product support so we will either have the answer or we will find it.

Multiple Office Locations:

We have offices in Dallas, Houston and Austin to effectively cover every major metropolitan area in the state of Texas and surrounding states.

Our Range:

We cover all of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas with our full range of products and services. We have traveled as far as Iowa and Colorado with some of our clients to install concrete waterproofing because those contractors would hire no one but ACS to waterproof their apartment job!