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The Southwestern – Dallas, TX

The Southwestern is a project from Greystar where development “began in 1928 and was re-imagined in 2012.” The project received a Redefining Green Award for its use of reclaimed brick, glass, art and metals and is “the jewel of the UT Southwestern neighborhood.”

ACS was contracted by Greystar to install a 1″ gypsum topping over 1/4″ sound mat. In addition, we installed our concrete and waterproofing system on the balconies and “wet zones” of the corridors. We consult with the architect and the general contractor to make sure that the corridors receive adequate waterproofing for any type of storm, but we switch to felt paper, instead of waterproofing under the concrete topping in the “dry” areas of the corridor to offer a significant cost savings.

After we were contracted to install our sound mat and topping and our concrete and waterproofing systems, Greystar added the clubhouse area to our scope of work. ACS installed a self-leveling underlayment that was able to accept stain. The result was one of the best stained concrete floors we have ever seen. The color choice was perfect and the field team at Greystar did an exceptional job of preparing the area for the topping.

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Greystar Development – Dallas, TX

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