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Two of the most litigated matters in multifamily construction are water intrusion and noise complaints. ACS specializes in preventing both.

Our areas of expertise in multifamily construction are the prevention of water intrusion and noise complaints. Using the right product is crucial but any sound or waterproofing expert will tell you that even the best product’s effectiveness will be negated with improper installation.

ACS is consistently in the top ten for sales volume for sound control mats and underlayments nationwide. You can rest easy and more importantly, your customers will be able to rest easy when ACS is installing the sound control system.

We are regularly consulted by architects and waterproofing experts on how to design an effective waterproofing system. We have customers that have contracted us to work on projects in other parts of the country simply because they will not trust another company to install the waterproofing system.

ACS installs the following anywhere in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana:

  • Floor/Ceiling Sound Control

  • Concrete Waterproofing

  • Decorative Concrete Finishes


Our commercial services include:

  • Floor Leveling with Gypsum and Cement Based Underlayments

  • Decorative Concrete Finishes

  • Concrete Sealing

  • Overlayments

  • Detailed Floor Surveys

Commercial projects are rarely the same but they often share similar problems. ACS has solutions for any flooring challenge. We have leveled millions of square feet of floors and we recently expanded to offer more specialty concrete finishes. Whether you need an underlayment, a cementitious overlay, an epoxy coating or any other decorative concrete finish, ACS will work to find a custom solution for your project.

Check out the video below showing a floor leveling project we completed on 6 floors in Dallas:

Sound Control

ACS only installs sound control systems which have been tested and proven to reduce the sound transmission between floors.

Click here to use the interactive system selector to see potential Sound Transmission Classification (STC) and Impact Insulation Classification (IIC) ratings.

ACS uses only the products which have been tested and proven to perform when it comes to reducing sound transmission between floors.

ACS installs several levels of sound control used in multifamily construction. Most of the sound control mats use an entangled mesh system to provide an adequate vibration break to help eliminate some of the sound being transmitted between floors.

The topping poured provides mass which will help eliminate the airborne sound being transmitted between floors. Each mat has a designated depth of topping and each system ACS installs is part of a UL Fire Rated assembly.

Sound control mat is loosely laid on a broom swept subfloor.

Perimeter isolation strips are tacked against the wall.

All seams of the mat are properly taped to provide a true floating floor ready for gypsum underlayment pour.

Finished floor ready to receive resilient floor goods.

Water Proofing

ACS has waterproofed more multifamily balconies and breezeways than anyone in Texas and we always stand by our work.

Advanced Concrete Surfaces has been serving Texas and surrounding areas since 2005.  Prior to that, company management and senior field experts were leading Gypsum Floors of Texas, which is the predecessor to ACS.  There are hundreds of years of experience that go into waterproofing every multifamily balcony, stair landing, and breezeway.

In addition to our experience, we mandate pre-construction meetings to clarify any details in the plans. We are the only contractor of our kind in Texas with our own metal fabricating shop so we are able to make adjustments immediately when issues arise in the field. Our experience and our fabrication capabilities leaves us without competition when waterproofing balconies and breezeways in apartment construction.

ACS has a metal fabricating shop to make galvanized flashing, door pockets and much more!

Contact our concrete experts today!
installing flashing

installing flashing

Installation of the waterproofing

Installation of the waterproofing

Pouring the regular weight pea gravel concrete

Pouring the regular weight pea gravel concrete

Field expert finishing the concrete

Field expert finishing the concrete

Floor Leveling

ACS is flattening Texas one floor at a time!

Often times during renovation projects, contractors find floors that are pitted, cracked and out of level. ACS has decades of experience providing solutions to floor flatness problems in wood or concrete construction. We use:

  • Self-Leveling underlayments

  • Gypsum underlayments

  • Cementitious Overlays

The key to our success is following the same process each time. The problems we face are unique to each jobsite but our methodical approach to the problem will ensure success no matter the challenge we face. On each job we will:

  • Provide a detailed survey at no cost to owner or contractor*

  • Identify floor flatness criteria

  • Select and recommend product


  • Survey the floor again to ensure all areas of concern are addressed

  • Flatten the floor

We have several products to choose from and we have vast experience estimating and installing several gypsum and self-leveling underlayments. We have the right products, we have the right tools and we will find the right solution to your unique flooring challenge!

*Our initial survey is free but charges may apply for a detailed survey.

ACS completes a detailed floor survey prior to pouring

Our crews have been pouring gypsum and self-leveling underlayments for decades

We can pour featheredge to 3″ deep and have underlayments that are able to have finished floor goods attached within hours

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